Programme Guidelines (Diaspora)

Governance and Administration

Advisory Board

The Governor-General’s Programme for Excellence (GGPE) is governed by an Advisory Board comprised of:

1. His Excellency The Most Honourable Sir Patrick L. Allen ON, GCMG, CD, KSt.J Governor-General of Jamaica and Chairman of the Board

2. The National Coordinator Secretary

3. Six (6) Major Sponsors. One (1) Representative each from:

  • The Gleaner Company Limited
  • The Jamaica National Building Society
  • The Victoria Mutual Building Society
  • The Scotia Jamaica Building Society
  • Jamaica Broilers Group of Companies
  • FLOW

4. Three (3) Custodes (Persons Selected by His Excellency)

5. Five (5) Resource Persons (Persons Named by His Excellency and Advisory Committee)


Selection Committee (Diaspora Awards)

Comprises members of the Parish Committee led by the Custos.

To assist the Parish Committee it is important that the Nominator give full details of the Nominee.



1. Major (Ret’d) Effiom B. Whyte, OD, JP
National Coordinator
Governor-General’s Programme for Excellence
Email Contact:

2. Ms. Tricia N. Grier, JP, MBA
Project Officer
Governor-General’s Programme for Excellence
Email Contact:


General Information

The Governor-General’s Diaspora Award is a prestigious one which celebrates ‘excellence’. It honours and recognizes the achievement of Jamaicans within the Diaspora community who not only followed their dream and achieved success but who have also given back to their community following that success in a selfless and significant way.

Two (2) candidates each are selected in the regions U.S.A., UK and Canada. Candidates are selected in the Age Group Categories: ‘Under 35 years’ and ‘35 years and over’.

The Awardee, through his or her inspirational role, would have contributed significantly to Jamaica or a Jamaican community in their host country.



To be eligible, the candidate must:

  1. Be Jamaican by birth, descent, registration, marriage or naturalization.
  2. Have made a worthwhile contribution to the development of Jamaica or a Jamaican community in the Diaspora over a period of not less than ten (10) years for persons under 35 years.
  3. Have made his or her contribution in the public’s interest.
  4. Have had (through initiative or voluntary activities) a positive effect on a significant number of members of the Jamaican community.
  5. Have made his or her contribution and gained achievements while acting as a private citizen: NOT as an appointed or elected government official.
  6. Have received neither a Jamaican National Honour, nor the Governor-General’s Achievement Award.
  7. Be nominated by an individual, Diaspora Organization or a Jamaica affiliated organization in the region of his or her residence.

NOTE: Persons who have been the recipient of a National Honour or Award are not eligible to be considered for a Governor-General’s Achievement Award (GGAA).


The Selection Committee

A selection panel comprised of members of the GGPE Management Committee will review the nominations to ensure that they meet the selection standards and eligibility criteria for the award.

Following an extensive evaluation process, a recommendation is then made to the Governor-General oF who is most deserving of the award.

NOTE: The Missions do not have responsibility for selection of Candidates. They will ensure that all documentation received for Nominees are collated and forwarded to King’s House.


Selection Criteria

The Governor-General Achievement Awards (Diaspora) pays tribute to Jamaicans across all ‘walks of life’ who have contributed significantly to community development in Jamaica or Jamaican communities in different parts of the world. It emphasizes ‘achievement’ and highlights ‘inspirational role models’.

The Vision of the Selection Committee is to:

  1. Highlight the positive contributions the Jamaican Diaspora Community makes to Jamaica’s development.
  2. Recognize and reward the contributions of migrants to the Jamaican community.
  3. Help promote new thinking.
  4. Highlight and recognize partnerships and achievements between Jamaica and the Diaspora.
  5. Highlight the entrepreneurial spirit and resilience of the Jamaican Diaspora.
  6. Honour what is right about Jamaicans.


The Selection Process

The GGAA Management Committee whose responsibility it is to make a recommendation to the Governor-General, enters an extensive evaluation process:

  1. Complete documentation for each Nominee is received from the Missions.
  2. Documentation is reviewed to ensure all requirements for submission are met.
  3. The Candidates’ contribution to community is evaluated.
  4. Candidates are interviewed according to a previously communicated schedule.

In addition to interview questions, each Candidate is presented with a topic of national relevance to discuss. All interview responses are scored.

Following this extensive evaluation process, a determination is made (based on points scored) as to who is most deserving of the award. The candidate with the highest score is recommended to the Governor-General for the award.

It is crucial that the Nominator gives full details of the Nominee and that the Nominee makes clear his / her contribution(s) to assist this process.

NOTE: Being nominated does NOT guarantee that a candidate will receive an award.


What is Required of the Nominator

The Nominator is any Diaspora Organization, Jamaican affiliated organization or individual domiciled in the region which the Nominee resides. The Nominator must be knowledgeable about what makes this individual (the Nominee) deserving of the Governor-General Achievement Award (GGAA). The Nominee must meet the Selection Criteria. In making the nomination, the Nominator must have the support of at least two (2) other named persons.

The Nominator will:

  1. Complete the Nomination Form. He/she will be required to clearly indicate the reason for the nomination including the specific contribution to (the) community and any other related information that might assist the Selection Committee in making a decision.
  2. Provide references (on the Nomination Form) of at least two (2) persons who may support the nomination. These people may include officials of organizations in which the candidate is/or has been an active member; or other persons who are familiar with the candidate’s community work and/or achievements.
  3. Submit the completed Nomination Form to the nearest Jamaican Consulate, Embassy or High Commission.

Persons whose contribution is as a direct result of job responsibilities (which includes community/social work) are not eligible for nomination.


What is Required of the Nominee

Persons who meet the eligibility requirements must be nominated by an individual, a Diaspora Organization or a Jamaica Affiliated Organization in the country of residence. A Personal Information Form (PIF) must be completed by the Nominee. This form is available from Jamaican Consulates, Embassies or High Commissions in Canada, the U.S.A and the United Kingdom, as well as via the internet on the following websites: and

The Nominee’s Personal Information Form (PIF) MUST include the following:

  1. Personal and Contact details. (I.e. Name, Address, Contact Numbers, etc.)
  2. Information about active and significant service towards the development of Jamaica or Jamaican communities.
  3. Details of projects worked on and offices held.
  4. The Nominator’s Name and Relationship to the Nominee.

Additional requirements include:

  1. Names and contact details for two (2) Character Referees.
  2. One (1) Letter of Recommendation attesting to the Nominee’s character and commitment. This MUST NOT be from a relative.
  3. Nominee’s profile picture. (Specifications: colour, height – head to shoulder, jpeg. or png. format)

All forms are to be completed and returned along with other required documentation to the nearest Jamaican Consulate, Embassy or High Commission by Friday, March 31, 2017.