Four IBI Ambassadors received project grants courtesy of the IBI/Dia Lab partnership

Romario Simpson – Hand Hygiene with our educational institutions

Our aim is to promote hand hygiene as a powerful tool to combat COVID-19 and other communicable diseases especially within our schools. We believe that schools/ institutions should be equipped with the necessary tools to open as safely and effective as possible via the donation of automated dispensers. So far five (5) institutions have benefitted from this project: Meadowbrook High (1200 students); The Queens High School (1300 students); St. Barnabas Early Childhood Centre (30 students), the Worthley Home for Girls (25 residents) and First Baptist Church.

AnnMarie Richards – Stars of Hope

The Stars of Hope Community Outreach Programme is a Social Intervention Programme. The programme seeks to provide and identify alternatives to children, youth and their families in general by creating and facilitating opportunities that will engender a positive, productive and creative lifestyle.

The programme provides mentoring programmes for children and assists needy students in accessing education in all areas while creating an environment where members of the community especially adolescents feel free to access information and services relevant to their needs.

Marisha Williams – iExcel

The iExcel project is a student led and student centered initiative that provides online tutoring for CSEC Mathematics to grades 10 and 11 students in the community of Martha Brae, Trelawny. The programme takes a targeted approach where the students are required to submit the topics that they find challenging; and they are tackled in the weekly sessions.

These sessions facilitate a small group to foster more interaction with students while solving their mathematical problems. Students are given questions related to topics done in order to assess their understanding as well as to establish their progress – which is further used to highlight and even incentivize the outstanding student on a bi-monthly basis, given that ‘encouragement sweetens labor’.


Leneka Rhoden – Agro-Investment Corporation

The Agribusiness Development Conference was conceptualized in an effort to bridge the gap between existing and upcoming agribusiness owners and support institutions. The conference brings attention to issues of raising the economic value of agricultural commodities and creating more off-farm employment opportunities in areas such as processing, logistics, finance, marketing and quality management especially for Youth. Little attention has been given to the value chains through which agricultural products reach end users within the Caribbean. Agribusiness owners will learn about the opportunities that exist and youth will be engaged through creative processes, inclusive employment and business.