Most of our Governor-General’s Achievement Awards (GGAA) Nominees demonstrate outstanding aptitudes and have received recognition at various levels for their achievements. In addition to these successes, the GGAA Secretariat considers nominee’s viewpoint on matters of national consequence to be of critical importance.
With this in mind, each Nominee is invited to share their thoughts, in response to the (related) ‘discussion question’ below. Nominees must use every opportunity to ensure that their points, when responding to the question posed, are substantial and of the highest calibre, thus distinguishing him / her as a deserving candidate for one of His Excellency’s prestigious Awards.

During the 2020 “Governor-General’s Achievement Awards” interview segment, nominees in 18-35 years age categories will be required to write an essay. This question would have been pre-approved by the GGPE Advisory Board for their age category.

The nominee may take along written reference points to assist them during their response before the interview panel.


Age Group Topics/Questions
18-24 years How has social media influenced knowledge and behavior towards climate change? [450 – 500 words]
25-35 years To what extent is the climate change phenomena of significant global concern? In your response, please state how you see climate change impacting your community. [450 – 500 words]
Over 35 years Have you noticed recent environmental changes or unusual weather patterns where you live? If so, to what extent would you say this is as a result of Climate Change? [450 – 500 words]

Tips for the Nominee – Getting Ready

The quality of your presentation and the points you make matter! Here are some suggestions about preparing your discussion points for the interview to help ensure that your communication is clear, relevant and concise.

  1. Do not tell us what you think we want to hear. Your audience does not have a “perfect response” in mind. The aim is to learn about your perspectives on an issue that is of national relevance.
  2. Be yourself. Show that you are confident in your views without being offensive.
  3. Use a natural voice and style. Although it is always important to use proper grammar, punctuation and diction, do not go overboard in trying to impress anyone. Use words and a style that you are comfortable with and that is appropriate for the topic and for someone who is trying to communicate clearly and logically.
  4. Do not be overly informal. Your presentation is being assessed by a cross-section of individuals. Express yourself in the best way you know how but remember that this is an interview for which appropriate conduct and delivery of expression is expected.
  5. Create an outline that includes prompts. Prompts will help you ensure that your ideas are not overlooked and your points are made. Prompts should get your mind focused to make you want to tell us what you think about something important that affects Jamaica, land we love. Your presentation is your opportunity to do this. Your outline / points may be left with the panel at the end of the interview.
  6. Organize your thoughts. All good presentations have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Introduce your idea, provide examples and details in support of your idea, then come to a conclusion at the end.
  7. Develop your ideas. Although your response time is limited, developing your ideas completely is very important.
  8. Take your time. Get it right. Prepare beforehand. Do not rush through the process. Give of your best. Your story is your own!