“2020 Summer of Service Programme”


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The Summer of Service (SOS) is a programme conceptualized, developed and executed by the I Believe Initiative (IBI), an arm of the Governor-General’s Programme for Excellence (GGPE). This programme seeks to encourage youth who are matriculating to, or are completing their first year of undergraduate study, to dedicate their summer to a worthy cause while vying for prizes that will help them achieve a tertiary education.

Worthy Cause: A cause that merits attention, aid, or action due to an inherent goodness of values or intention.

Since its inception in 2013, beneficiaries of this programme have commented that as a result of the SOS experience, positive values such as determination and persistence have been ingrained. Moreover, they have stated that these values have been transferred into how they are pursuing their educational goals and that in spite of the challenge of doing both, remain committed to volunteerism.

Reports from institutions, as well as from the beneficiaries themselves, indicate that SOS Scholarship and Grant Awardees, on average, have been excelling academically and the majority are engaged in voluntary activities at their school. Some, post graduation, have used their God-given talent to create projects serving worth causes, and thereby contributing to a stronger Jamaica.

The I Believe Initiative believes this programme, has since its inception, achieved its goals and sees the need to expand its impact through increasing the number of beneficiaries year over year. For this this to be achieved, additional support in the form of sponsorship and human resources is needed.


  • To increase the spirit of volunteerism among Jamaican youth;
  • To reward academic excellence among students; targeting those who desire to pursue a tertiary education but whose circumstance.


By participating in the SOS Programme:

  1. Contribute to nation building, through volunteerism, by serving a worthy cause.
  2. Impacting lives in a positive way.

On being awarded a scholarship:

  1. Maintain a standard of excellence in his/her academic pursuit.
  2. Be a positive influencer in his/her school community, promoting and actively participating in voluntarism.


  1. Students who are strong academically but hampered in their efforts to achieve a tertiary education due to dire financial need.


  1. Young people matriculating to, or are completing their first year of university/college to pursue an Undergraduate Degree.

N.B. Study must be FULL-TIME at a tertiary institution that is accredited by the University Council of Jamaica.


The Programme will last for eight (8) weeks beginning the 1st week of June and ending the last week of

July. (Service projects should end by 26th July.). A report is due on the 31st July, 2019 from:

  1. The Student participating in the SOS
  2. The Supervisor – that person assigned / who agreed, from the outset, to supervise the student carrying out the SOS.


The Summer of Service (SOS) Programme is highly dependent on partnerships for its execution and the achieving of its objectives. Partners may include but not be limited to: Government or Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Service Clubs, Religious and Community organizations or Social Enterprises where any profit realized is reinvested in the community.

The students participating in the SOS may volunteer with one (1) of these organizations over the 8-week period.


We primarily seek sponsorship from Universities / Colleges, Corporate Jamaica and individuals. Once a partnership is established with the I Believe Initiative (IBI), sponsors are included in all promotional efforts indicating that they are collaborating with the Governor-General in reaching out to youth to help direct them to a brighter future.


Scholarships and educational grants are awarded to SOS participants who have performed exceptionally well in carrying out their project. Most important is the positive impact made in serving their worthy cause.

Prospective sponsors who would like to partner with the IBI may communicate their interest to:

The Governor-General’s Programme for Excellence (GGPE)
Office of the Governor-General & Staff
King’s House
Hope Road
Kingston 6
Phone: 876.927.6424 / 5 or 876.550.4534
Email: ibi@ggpe.org.jm or adavis@kingshouse.gov.jm


The promotion of the Summer of Service Programme begins in April 2019. The GGPE Secretariat and Communications Committee utilize Social Media as well as the traditional media as part of its promotional efforts.

  • IBI Social Media Pages: Twitter and Facebook will be utilized to post the details of the programme as well as answer questions posed from prospective participants.
  • Photos: Photos of the finalists are also placed on the IBI Social Media Pages.
  • Press Release: A pre-release and a post release are issued to all media houses as well as placed on the King’s House websites: www.kingshouse.gov.jm and www.ggpe.org.jm
  • Media Interviews: through various media houses as the opportunity presents itself


An electronic survey (questionnaire) will be sent via email to all participants following the conclusion of the 2019 SOS Programme via email.

The information received from the electronic survey will form part of the 2019 SOS Report. The findings from the report will be used as a point of reference in planning future SOS Programmes.


The scheduled timeline is:

(Should there be any adjustment, this will be communicated to both SOS Participants & their Project Supervisor.)