Meet Mollie Plummer-Henry and the Western JA Women

IBI Ambassador, Mrs. Mollie Plummer-Henry is the founder and Director of Western JA WOMEN. This is a charity organization geared towards the empowerment and nurturing of women and youth from underserved communities. Western JA WOMEN achieves their mandate through mentorship and capacity-building exercises. Mrs. Mollie Plummer Henry and the members of the Western JA WOMEN are using their skills and resources to empower and affirm young people!  

The group was created when Mollie had returned to her island home, Jamaica, having migrated to the United Kingdom for some time. Read her inspiring story below: 

“My experience in the UK coupled with my teenage years pushed me to create this support group for “At-Risk Youth”.  Also, my years working in the Department of Correctional Services as a Probation Officer and an Assistant Superintendent dealing with juveniles who were on Probation or serving time in the Institution further gave me the drive to be a Change Agent.

Did you know, that if a child is given the opportunity to achieve their full potential it reduces the risk of them being a fowl of the law? Yes! This one statement resonated with me to the point wherein 2009, I decided to carry out various projects stemming from Children Treats to Motivational Sessions. Having gotten feedback through testimonials and from observation of behavioral change, I decided to push this dream further and invited various women across the Professional Strata of society. These women were moved by my vision and came on board. The range was pushed wider as the focus was just on the Chester Castle community in Hanover and its environs. We took this charge to Western Jamaica and included persons from Hanover, Trelawny, Westmoreland, and St. James. Wow! What a movement! I remembered the visit to a particular School in Hanover that was deemed an underperforming school owing to behavioral issues. The session included male and female Presenters. It was an inspiring session. 

Each year we focus on three activities; Back to School Treat, End of Year Presentation and Easter Get together. I can tell you that not only the children were excited but the parents. For each session, there would be a Motivational section to include children and parents. The activity that stood out vividly for me was in 2019 when we had our Vision Board Session. I was amazed and moved at the output from such a session. Irrespective of the challenges and the various unfortunate hiccups, these children (ages 7 to 19) experienced they held on to the dream of becoming someone of value. How could I terminate this group? I must say I have come close to such as there were times when funding for various Projects was limited and I had to pull from my pocket. However, when I get a text or a call saying “thank you for caring”, I pushed harder.

The year 2020 to present saw us having to come up with creative ways to continue our Sessions. Especially in this period when so many families are affected, financially which increases stress and depression. The group has given over 45 care packages, 15 tablets, 1 laptop, and over 100 school bags with stationery supplies. In addition, 7 children who were successful in PEP along with their parents were treated to a day at Mystic Mountain.”


Truly God is good. It just take one act of kindness to make a difference in someone’s life.