Youth Consultative Conference (YCC)

Young people are at the heart of the climate crisis globally, as among the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Among the fears cited by Jamaican youth are critical shortage of water and food sources, severe weather conditions, issues related to climate injustice and mass extinction of species are among their greatest fears (Rise for Climate Ja, 2018). Given these anticipated challenges, the youth are among those at the forefront of climate action who through their individual and collective efforts have sought to improve knowledge and awareness, while fostering change in their homes and communities.

The Climate Change Policy Framework for Jamaica therefore recognizes the youth as a key constituent in the climate change agenda and encourages their engagement in all plans and programmes for climate action. In keeping with this mandate, and the regional and global efforts to educate and empower youth on climate change, the Governor-General’s I Believe Initiative seeks to host its annual Youth Consultative Conference focused on Climate Change.

This Conference is being organized in the Decade of Action and Delivery for the Sustainable Development Goals and further in the lead up to the annual United Nations Climate Conference, COP (Conference of the Parties) 26 in Glasgow, in which young people from all over the world will seek to get involved in the organization and execution of actions to demand world leaders to act on climate change.