The Governor-General’s Programme for Excellence (GGPE) evolved in 2014 to give cohesiveness to the programmes that are affiliated to the Office of the Governor-General: the Governor-General’s Achievement Awards (GGAA) and the I Believe Initiative (IBI).


The GGPE has its origins in the GGAA which began in 1991. The GGAA recognised individuals (Jamaicans) thirty-five years (35) and older who had achieved greatly despite difficult and challenging socio-economic circumstances. They would also have been making a substantial contribution to the nation, but were not recipients of National Honours and Awards.

This programme was expanded in 2006 to recognize youth ages 18 – 35 years, for excellence in academia and service. It also recognizes individuals in the Diaspora who are making a significant contribution to Jamaica and their host country. In 2015 the Diaspora Award was extended to also include a youth category, which increased the number of recipients from three to six.

While His Excellency the Governor-General makes the final approval, it is the Custos along with his / her Committee who receive the nominations and adjudicate who the three parish recipients should be. Thirty-eight candidates were presented to His Excellency for approval. They were honoured within their county at a specially planned ceremony and pinned by Her Excellency the Governor-General’s wife, at King’s House in November.


In 2011, the I Believe Initiative which is the service-oriented arm of the programme, was launched.

The object is to motivate and inspire youth to believe in themselves, achieve their God-given potential and to give service to their country.

IBI Mission

To create pathways through partnerships and to promote programmes that restore hope, belief, and sound values in Jamaica’s families, youth and education.

IBI Vision

Through strategic partnerships, programmes, the belief and support of Jamaicans, the I Believe Initiative of Jamaica will lead a campaign to inspire and motivate Jamaicans to believe in their God-given potential and to contribute to building a prosperous and peaceful nation.

The Initiative seeks to achieve its mission and vision by creating, contributing and endorsing Projects that fall under the IBI pillars of ‘Youth’, ‘Education’ and ‘Family’.