Essay Guidance to support your Governor-General’s Achievement Award (GGAA) Nomination

1. What does leadership mean to you? 

The GGAA’s are given to inspiring Jamaicans who have done exceptionally well academically and have a demonstrably excellent track record of youth/community leadership. Although journeys to leadership differ wildly, the people we’re looking for share similar qualities: empathy, perseverance, resilience, and a determination to succeed.

List detailed examples of your own experiences of leadership.

2. How have you demonstrated a life of service? (250 Words)

A fundamental theme of the GGAA is the spirit of selfless service among Jamaicans. Demonstrate your commitment to the service of others. What projects do you participate in regularly? Do you provide mentorship? What are the results of your service?

Give us at least one detailed example of a time you’ve championed a cause to achieve something great. Tell us about the steps you took and provide details of the result.

3. Tell us about the most difficult periods in your life and how those experiences help to shape your success. (250 Words)

The GGAA looks out for those who, against all odds, have been able to serve and lead a life of resilience. We want to see your determination to achieve.

In your response tell that story of how you, despite the odds, rose above a challenge(s) and succeed. Be sure to tell us how that rise to success has helped others. 

4. How will this award impact your community? (250 Words)

Tell us about your community and your involvement there. How will this award help to propel your work within the community or inspire excellence?

5. Describe your academic achievements 

The GGAA recognizes academic excellence as one pillar of success among young people. Have you been doing or have done exceptionally well in school? Share with us some of your most prized achievements. 

Please list all distinctions, honours and special academic awards. 


If your nomination is successful, you’ll be joining a diverse, inspiring and supportive network of Jamaicans who despite their varied circumstances have done exceptionally well. 

The best answers will also share at least one detailed example of how you’ve used the skills learned from that experience to help others.