The GGPE Secretariat receives scores of applications for new IBI Ambassadors each year. Ambassadors come from different disciplines and communities with a demonstrable track record of leadership and service. Each new ambassador is expected to use the information provided in this guide to understand their roles, expectations and the cross-cutting functions that impact on their service.

How to Become an IBI Ambassador

If you are interested in becoming an IBI Ambassador, you must express this interest in the form of an application. Your application is reviewed and then you are invited to become an IBI Ambassador, working within your parish. The following is the application process for becoming an IBI Ambassador:

  1. Complete the IBI Ambassador Application Form, which can be found on our  website or at your Custos’ Office;
  2. Submit the application form along with a copy of your resume to your parish Custos’ Office or the National Coordinator via email or drop off. (See our website for information on how to contact your Parish Custos and the National Coordinator.)
  3. Application form must include a written statement about why you’re interested in being an IBI Ambassador and how you intend on “using what’s right with  Jamaica to fix what’s wrong with Jamaica”;
  4. The application will be reviewed and submitted to the Governor-General for consideration;
  5. Upon approval, the GGPE Secretariat will contact the applicant to inform him/her of the decision and the date of their installation. 
  6. An online database of all IBI Ambassadors and their IBI related initiatives is established to allow referencing and verification of the status of all IBI Ambassadors. A coloured photograph (JPEG format) is required from all Ambassadors prior to induction.

To be considered for designation as an IBI Ambassador, a person should:

  1. be at least 18 years of age
  2. be a Jamaican citizen
  3. be of sound moral probity and character
  4. have a demonstrable track-record of participation in community development.