The National Coordinating Committee (NCC)


The National Coordinating Committee (NCC) is a more recently formed committee comprising of IBI Ambassadors from across the country. The committee is under the direct oversight of the GGPE Secretariat and is frequently consulted for programme planning and execution. As an IBI Ambassador, you may find value in understanding how this committee functions, your role in relation to the committee and its channels of engagement. Everyone is by extension a member of the NCC under the leadership of the elected executives.

The NCC is not a representation of authority, but an ambassador-led body that enables collaboration and exchange. The governance structure of the NCC has three (3) tiers; the National Executive, County Caucuses, and Parish Teams.

It is the responsibility of the IBI Ambassadors to know their Parish and County Leads and contribute to all related activities.


IBI National Coordinating Committee – Executive
Vice-Chairperson (Cornwall)
Vice-Chairperson (Surrey
Vice-Chairperson (Middlesex)
National Planning Director
Publications Director
IBI National Coordinating Committee – Parish Leads
St. James
St. Elizabeth
St. Catherine
St. Andrew
St. Thomas
St. Mary
St. Ann