Governor-General installed 29 new IBI Ambassadors


Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen, on Tuesday, November 30, 2021, inducted 29 new ‘I Believe’ Initiative (IBI) Ambassadors to join him on the social mission of “using what’s right with Jamaica to fix what’s wrong with Jamaica.”

The hybrid virtual-physical ceremony which took place at King’s House and on the Zoom platform, saw the likes of the Honourable Earl Jarett, OJ, three Parish Custodes: Green, Golding and Gentles, thought and business leaders, and community volunteers being added to the corps of volunteer nation builders.

Listed among the sixteen inductees whose installation was anchored physically at King’s House were Mr. Jermaine Johnson, the author of the IBI theme song; Mr. Nicholas Chambers, first IBI National Coordinator; Programme Sponsors: Hotelier Mr. Christopher Issa, Tourism Luminary the Honourable Godfrey Dyer; Entrepreneur Mr. Bhaskar Reddy Sharu, Mr. Fred Smith, Mrs. Claudine Heaven, Governor-General’s Secretary, Mr. Archibald Gordon and Mr. Rajae Danvers. These individuals are part of a group of persons who the Governor-General said gave years of selfless service by helping to define and deliver the IBI, but were never officially named Ambassadors.

In delivering the keynote address, patron and conceptualizer of the IBI, Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen, told the inductees “you hold the key to our nation’s future and as forward-thinkers of this time, it is imperative that you remain connected with your individual communities in building capacity to strengthen community-based interventions.”

The ‘I Believe’ Initiative, which celebrates its 10th anniversary as of May 10 this year, was established as a platform to inspire young people to develop their skills and talents to achieve their highest potential as they participate in national development.

“Prior to the launch of the Programme, Lady Allen and I attended several consultative breakfasts across the island, sponsored by Jamaica National, where we heard from concerned citizens what they considered to be the most pressing social concerns in Jamaica then.  Youth, Family and Education were found to be the top concerns and therefore we made them the core pillars on which we execute the Initiative,” Sir Patrick Allen commented of the antecedence of the programme.

The county level induction component of the 2021 IBI induction process was presented by each Parish Custos and saw three ambassadors installed for the parishes of Kingston, two for St. Andrew, two for St. James and one each for the remaining eleven parishes. The full complement of active Governor-General’s IBI Ambassadors is now 341.

The ‘I Believe’ Initiative is an arm of the Governor-General’s Programme for Excellence (GGPE); launched in 2011 as a platform to support young people to believe in themselves, achieve their God-given potential and give service to their country.

‘I Believe’ Ambassadors are youth and community champions invited by His Excellency Sir Patrick Allen, Governor-General to influence networks, lead inspiring projects and represent the mantra of the IBI, “Using what’s right with Jamaica to fix what’s wrong with Jamaica”