IBI Ambassadors lead webinar series on project management

A webinar series dubbed, “Ready. Set. Go!” was planned and delivered by IBI Ambassadors with experience in various areas of project design and management. The series was designed to further build the capacity of IBI Ambassadors to tackle various issues within their communities. The webinars were aired over a period of two weeks with over 150 participants. Twitter was a buzz as participants shared their experiences after each session.

The participants benefited from a wide range of sessions that were delivered by experts such as  tech guru, Mr. Ricardo Gowdie, and project specialist, Mrs. Cordell Williams-Graham. The sessions were designed with exciting and interactive activities and participants were not short of opportunities to challenge and engage the presenters.

All the sessions were recorded and shared on the GGPE website with interactive materials and resources for future audiences. The GGPE hopes to conduct several of these webinars in 2021 and will build on the lessons and experiences of this pilot.


IBI-DIA Lab ‘Think Tank’ Competition Launched

The I Believe Initiative (IBI) has partnered with the Urban Lab for Youth Innovation (DIA) a project implemented by the Institute of Law & Economics (ILE) to launch a small grant competition to IBI Ambassadors leading projects in the areas of youth and education. One project will win a grant of $100,000 towards a project under the theme “

Civic Participation in Youth Empowerment and Education”.

The competition is geared towards highlighting how Ambassadors intend on working to make a difference in the civic life and devel-oping the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference.

The competition was launched on the last day of the webinar series and winners will be decided on January 31, 2021.